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Lucky Dog® DRIFT™ Series

How do I choose the right size?  
Please visit our sizing chart for the specific bed you are interested in for the best fit.  We recommend sizing up if you are   
torn between two sizes especially if your pet is at or near the top of the weight range of the smaller size.    
Also, note your pet's sleeping style; do they sleep sprawled out or do they curl into a ball  
Are the DRIFT Series beds machine washable?  
DRIFT series beds (fillers & covers) are machine washable and dryer friendly; cold water wash and gentle, low heat tumble dry  
For optimum results we recommend washing in a front-loading machine with NO center agitator.   
We do not recommend washing your bed with any other items to avoid dye transfer and or tearing.  
If your bed does not EASILY  fit into the washing machine; do not force, stuff or fold.  We recommend taking to a 
laundromat or dry-cleaner to ensure that the fill keeps it shape.   
Are these beds waterproof?  
The cotton canvas exterior is naturally water resistant, but not 100% waterproof  
What is the filling made from?  
Hypoallergenic Virgin Poly Fiber - Firm and springy fill that will not clump and / or shift.   
My dog is a chewer & an aggressive nester.  Will this bed hold up?  
DRIFT beds are not recommended for puppies or dogs with excessive teething or chewing behavior  
While our beds are durable, they are not scratch-proof and their longevity will be based on the determination of the pet  
Is the bed “filling” toxic?  
Our beds do not contain harmful chemicals such us flame-retardants, pesticides, or formaldehyde which are known to cause cancer and a host of other issues. Our high loft fill is not from recycled plastics which can be composed of numerous unknown substances that can pollute the home.  We use virgin polyester fibers that are finer than market standards for pet; not only do they feel more comfortable and softer, but they also have better longevity and rebound. 




We honor the quality of our beds with a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects.  If the product fails under *normal* wear and use, Lucky Dog will replace the bed.   

Warranty includes but is not limited to: Holes or tears in seams, zippers no longer functioning due to defect or stitching, or fill fibers leaking.

This warranty does not cover destruction of the product by the pet or pet owner.  No replacements will be given for holes and or tears due to pet chewing and /or aggressive scratching and shredding. 

Staining due to food, fluids or other external factors are not covered.