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Fit-Right Adjustable Chain Link GatesFit-Right Adjustable Chain Link Gates





How many different Fit-Right gates do you have available?

We have five gates in total: three galvanized gates for 4’, 5’, and 6’ tall fence gate openings, and two black powder-coated gates for 4’ and 6’ tall fence openings.

How wide are the gates?

All Fit-Right gates are adjustable to any width up to a 72” opening.

Can I use Fit-Right gates on my wood fence?

Absolutely yes.

Are there other differences between the galvanized gates and the black gates?

The black gates have square corners whereas the galvanized gates are standard bent frame design.

Can I use Fit-Right gates on both sides of the fence to create a double drive gate?

Yes, simply buy two gates and purchase a drop rod kit (UL301) so that one side can be secured to the ground.

Will the gates sag over time?

No, all Fit-Right gates have an adjustable truss to adjust for sag.

What is included with the gates?

Everything to build the gate, including frame hinge and latch. Post hinges are sold separately (wood and chain link fences use different male post hinges, either will work with Fit-Right).

What is the opening of the mesh?

2 3/8” mesh opening on fabric

A Few Things To Note: 

Round Corner Frame Galvanized Gates

For 4’ tall openings, use CL 013619

For 5’ tall openings, use CL 013620

For 6’ tall openings, use CL 013629

1 3/8”OD 19 gauge hot dipped galvanized tubing with a clear coat protective finish

12 ½ gauge 2-3/8” diamond 

Welded Square Corner Black Gates

For 4’ tall openings, use CL 014519

For 6’ tall openings, use CL 014529

1 3/8”OD 19 gauge double powder coated tubing

12 ½ gauge 2-3/8” diamond  black vinyl coated wire