Greenwood Products Inc

Since its inception more than two decades ago, Greenwood Products has built on its numerous successes to become a nationally recognized leader and innovator in the forest products industry.
The company began by developing grades of plywood specifically for boatbuilders that, in turn, offered economical advantages to plywood plants. Within three years Greenwood met with such success that it turned its attention to other industrial markets, supplying industry-specific products and further enhancing its growing reputation as a customer-oriented, problem solving partner.

Today, through steadily increasing growth, Greenwood operations remain strong and centrally located, allowing for hands-on, efficient management and implementation by its executive management team. Greenwood is committed to continuous improvement in all that they do.

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Greenwood Products, Inc.
PO Box 249
North Plains, OR 97133
Phone: (800) 333-3898
Fax: (503) 670-7755

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