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Lucky Dog® Animal House™ Heavy Duty Flat Covered Pen

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AH 50000 Series
  • ULTRA HEAVY DUTY PROTECTIVE CAGE: This Spacious Protective Pet Cage is constructed with quality components and will keep your pet safe from threatening predators while it enjoys the outdoors.
  • MODULAR DESIGN: Modular design allows you to make additions to the enclosure whenever and however you want.
  • DUAL GATE ACCESS: Free swinging 60" x 30" and 30" x 30" gates allow for easy entrance and exit from both ends of the cage (AH 54202A & AH58404A models only)
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Heavy duty welded wire panels with powder coat finish are extremely durable, strong and great for outdoor use.
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY: Product contains all the components needed for simple panel assembly

Product Overview

Protective Pet Cage - Animal House™ “Secure Pet Living” Large Kennel - This Wire Paneled Protective Pet Cage has a Predator Proof Flat Top and two Free Swinging Gates for easy entrance and exit from the cage. It's heavy duty and durable design will keep your animal safe from predators while it enjoys the outdoors. Animal House™ designed this kennel with your animal's comfort and safety in mind.

The main features of the Protective Pet Cage include:

  • Quality Construction and Design - The cage's steel panels and components have quality welds that create a heavy duty structure.
  • Easy Assembly and Customization - Modular design allows for simple assembly and endless customization to meet your pet's comfort needs. Connectors, Clamps and Caps included. Additional accessories are available and sold separately.
  • Spacious Interior - Wire panels and spacious interior allow your pet to freely enjoy the outdoors without the threat of predators.

About Animal House & Jewett Cameron: Jewett-Cameron has launched what many are calling the best small animal solution for retail. As predators continue to be pushed out of their natural habitats, they are increasingly encroaching on residential and domestic animal areas. Those with small animals / pets realize the dangers outside, as they often cannot fend for themselves. The Animal House™ Modular Building solution, will assist in protection your pet 24/7. You can virtually build almost any size/shape structure, allowing your pet the freedom and safety to move around while outside, without the fear of being attacked. You can link from one structure (house) to your outside habitat via a tunnel, allowing your pet to traverse inside and outside whenever they feel like it. A concept that sets your pet free, no worries from the outside world. 


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