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What makes Lucky Dog Indulge Series Dog Bowls different than other dog bowls?
Our bowls are engineered to withstand abuse and comes with an industry-best limited lifetime warranty.
Our various bowl sizes stack within each other, allowing for easier storage and transportation. Indulge Dog
Bowls feature a tapered side profile to make it easier to hold, especially if the bowl is full. If you own a large
dog, check out our Indulge XL bowl, which holds 12.5 cups of food or 100 oz of water.

What is the warranty on the Indulge Dog Bowl?
All Indulge Dog Bowls come with an industry-best limited lifetime warranty. For more information, please
visit our warranty information page.

Are the Indulge bowls food-safe and BPA-free?
Yes, the bowls are made from food-grade 304 stainless steel and is 100% BPA-free.

How much food or water fits inside the Indulge Dog Bowls?
The Indulge 5 holds 5 cups of food and 40 oz of water. The Indulge 8 holds 8 cups of food and 64 oz of
water. The Indulge XL will hold 12.5 cups of food and 100 oz of water.

How do I clean the Indulge Dog Bowl?
Indulge Dog Bowls are dishwasher safe. You can also use soap, dish soap, or mild detergent. Please do
not use bleach or abrasive cleaners. You can also hose it off, wash it in the river stream, or just wipe it off
with a moist napkin or towel.

Why is there a taper on the side profile of the Indulge Dog Bowls?
The side profile taper makes the bowls easier to hold, especially when it’s full. It also allows the various
sizes to nest within each other.

How do I stack the bowls?
The various sizes of bowls nest within each other. In other words, the Indulge 5 (40 oz version) can be
placed inside the Indulge 8 (64 oz version), which can also be placed inside the Indulge XL (100 oz version).
This makes the bowls easy to store and travel with.

Are these bowls insulated to keep water cool?
Although the bowls are double-wall stainless steel, the surface area of the opening will overcome any
insulating methods. Thus, they are not considered insulated.

Do you offer a lid for the bowls?
Due to the design, a lid will not be watertight and could cause accidental spills. Therefore, we do not offer a
lid for this product.

Is the rubber ring removable?
It is not removable and removing the ring is not required for cleaning.

Can I use these bowls in the microwave?
No. These bowls are not microwave safe. Do not place any metal products in the microwave.

What are the sizes and weights of the various bowls?
Indulge 5 Dog Bowl: 40 oz or 2.5 lbs

Indulge 8 Dog Bowl: 64 oz or 4 lbs

Indulge XL Dog Bowl: 100 oz or 6.25 lbs

How do you warranty the Indulge Dog Bowls?
Please contact our customer service department via Contact Us page.