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Lucky Dog® Chain Link Kennel DIY Kit

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CL 40000 - CL 61000 Series
  • AFFORDABLE SOLUTION: A great basic kennel for dogs with tame to normal energy levels
  • DIY INSTALLATION: 2+ person assembly in 2-4 hours with basic hand tools
  • ENGINEERED DURABILITY: Sturdy all-stell frame and panel construction
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT: Chip and wear-resistant matte silver Tiger Drylac® powder coat finish

Chain Link Kennels Assembly Instructions:

CL 41028EZ, CL 61028EZ, CL 61528EZ

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Fully-welded joints means no sharp spots. Double powder-coated with eco-friendly Drylac for sustained rust resistance


Hose down and wash with any non-bleach soap or household cleaner


Square corner frame fully welded for superior strength, 12-gauge link and fasteners made of 100% commercial grade steel

Lucky Dog Chain Link KennelLucky Dog Chain Link Kennel


Consciously-Built Chain Link Kennel To Keep Your Canine Safe And Comfortable

"Every home deserves a good dog and every dog deserves a good home." We keep that idea in mind with every Lucky Dog® product we create. Our line of Lucky Dog® Kennels and accessories is everything you need to keep your dog happy and safe while you are away. Your pet’s safety is at the forefront of all product development and construction, and we are moving towards using more environmentally responsible processes in our production. We are proud to have served families and their pets with the Lucky Dog® pet brand for over twenty years and look forward to many more years serving the needs of pets across the country.

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How To Set Up Chain Link Kennel Kit

Step By Step Instructions

  • Video Transcript

    The first and more important step is to get the chain link fabric prepped and ready. Find yourself at least 45 by 10 feet of room to work. Make sure to have at least two people, wire cutters, pliers, work gloves, closed-toe work shoes, and safety glasses. Before you begin, read up on the chain link terms found in our printed guide. We’ll use these terms during the video. Start by lifting the fabric roll out of the box. Use a wire cutter and clip all the ties holding the roll together. Find the end of the roll and position the spool so this end is on the bottom and pointing towards the open space, like this. Now slowly pull the end away from the roll while the other person keeps the spool in place. This’ll be easier than unrolling the entire spool back on itself. You’ll want to fix any tangling as you go, by opening and unhooking the tangled knuckles. Don’t force the roll, or muscle it open as that will damage the chain link. With the fabric laid flat, you may find any of the following four issues so you’ll want to take some quick steps to get everything straightened out. First, look for knuckles that are tangles. Sometimes they’ll catch, and you’ll simply need to open the knuckles using your hands or pliers if that’s easier and unhook them. Pull on the fabric and the links will fall into place. Next, look for incomplete diamonds, where you can separate the pickets. Simply weave them together. Start with the diamond farthest away from the edge and work towards the knuckles. Next, you’ll notice some pickets are above or below the edge. If you turn the picket clockwise, you’ll move the picket upwards and away from you. If you turn the picket counterclockwise, you’ll move the picket downwards and towards you. Make sure all the knuckles are evenly lined up. Now, look for open knuckles where the loops are not closed. Make sure the knuckles are connected correctly and use pliers to close the loop. Do a final walk-around to ensure the chain link is fixed and ready. Finally, roll-up the chain link spool and make sure the edge stays straight. Now you’re ready to build the frame and install this chain link. You’ll find those next steps in the printed instructions.

    For installation help, please call customer service at 1(800) 955-2879 or email us at

Product Overview

Our standard-duty Lucky Dog® Chain Link Kennel DIY Kit is perfect for the handy pet owner. In less than half a day and with basic tools, your companion will have a home that feels like the great outdoors. The durable all steel structure is finished in matte galvanized silver that’s weather-resistant and maintenance-free. Our exclusive elevated frame design makes anchoring and cleaning a breeze. With many popular sizes available and optional roof and cover kits, Lucky Dog® makes your pet feel at-home.

Recommended for pets with tame to normal energy level. 

Our dog products are made in a state-of-the-art factory, a global industry pioneer in environmental responsibility that produces zero emissions and wastewater through its closed-loop recycling and reclamation processes.


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