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Lucky Dog Compostable Poop Bags | Made From Plants | Corn Based Ingredients | ASTM D6400 Compliant

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  • Lucky Dog® Poop Bags are made from plants 
  • Ultimate strength means no breaks or leaks
  • No wasteful core
  • Easy to open without static cling
  • 1% of sales invested in cleaning up the planet
  • Available in 10, 20 or 32 rolls
  • Bag dimensions: 13'' L x 9'' W


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No Breaks and No Leaks



Corn Based Ingredients*



No Wasteful Core



  • Dog poop contributes 30% of pollutants and bacteria to waterways
  • The vast majority of dog waste bags on the market are not compostable
  • Other "eco-friendly" bags break down into micro-plastic pieces, which are then consumed by animals & humans alike.

    Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lucky Dog® Poop Bags made of?

Lucky Dog® Poop Bags are made from a resin derived from renewable raw materials, mainly non-GMO corn starch and natural plasticizers directly derived from starch (i.e. sorbitol and glycerol) along with compostable and biodegradable polyesters (PBAT). The bag composition also includes benign/inert minerals that come from color pigments, chalk or talc used to control stickiness of films and to help make the bags easy to open.

Lucky Dog® Poop Bags do not contain any oxo-degradable products, EPI additives, or BPAs. They do not produce any harmful toxins or chemicals when they break down in commercial composting facilities. When disposed in industrial composting facilities that accept dog waste, fragments from Lucky Dog® Poop Bags will be digested by microorganisms and turn into CO2 and water.

Lucky Dog® Poop Bags with pet waste in them safely create usable compost soil that satisfies the ASTM D6400 standards (which includes complete disintegration, accelerated biodegradation, and no toxic impact). Not all composting facilities are equipped to safely process pet feces. Please check with your local composter before disposing of bags into the organic waste stream. To combat the growing problems associated with landfill and microplastic pollution, we encourage you to contact your local officials and share your desire to make industrial composting facilities more available.

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Product Overview

At Lucky Dog®, we understand that responsible pet owners want quality products that have a minimal impact on our planet. Lucky Dog® Poop Bags are made from plants and produce less harmful greenhouse gas emissions during sourcing and manufacturing life cycle phases than traditional plastic bags*.  At 17 microns thick, Lucky Dog® Poop Bags perform as good, or better, than other compostable bags that are thicker. Lucky Dog® Poop Bags optimize the use of raw materials and manufacturing processes to minimize harmful emissions during production. Made from a proprietary, non-GMO, plant-based resin, with no wasteful cores, Lucky Dog® Poop Bags keep your hands clean while protecting the environment. With these 100% leak-proof and extra strong bags, you’ll never have to worry about creating a mess!

Made from natural, corn based ingredients and approved by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), you can rest easy knowing that Lucky Dog® Poop Bags are compliant to the ASTM D6400 guidelines. Because Lucky Dog® Poop Bags are made from plants, it is recommended that they are stored in a cool, dry location and used within 12 months of purchase. The bags can be composted in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities where pet waste is accepted (pet waste is not safe for home compost). As if that wasn’t enough, 1% of Lucky Dog® Poop Bags sales are donated toward environmental cleanup efforts!

* “Understanding the Role of Compostable Packaging in North America”, Page 10, Produced by Sustainable Packaging Coalition® 2021, January (



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