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Lucky Dog® STAY Series™ 10'L x 10'W Presidential Kennel, Steel Grey

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  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Hidden roof cover attachments
  • PROTECTION: Waterproof fabric with UPF 50+ protection
  • DURABLE: All steel frame with chip and wear-resistant powder coated finish
  • QUALITY: Easy to clean, high-density polyester fabric cover
  • CONVENIENT: Easy installation and No Tools necessary
  • INCLUDES: kennel frame, roof structure, dual access gate door, premium canopy cover, ground anchor, drive rod and parts pack
  • DIMENSIONS: 10'W x 10'L x 6'H


More Information

More Information
Size 6'H x 10'W x 10'L
Lucky Dog STAY Series Presidential KennelLucky Dog STAY Series Presidential Kennel


Long-lasting quality with a 2-year warranty protection


Includes hidden hook and loop roof cover attachments

Assembly Guide For Presidential Kennel

  • Video Transcript

    Congratulations on the purchase of your Lucky Dog® STAY Kennel. In the following video we will take you through each of the steps required to properly assemble and install the Executive and Presidential models in the STAY Kennel Series. To assemble the Executive and Presidential Kennels, you’ll need an adjustable wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, and a hammer or a rubber mallet. All of the other parts are included inside the box for easy installation. We do recommend assembly by two people, and the entire process should take between 45 and 90 minutes. Let’s get started! Before assembling, you begin by picking a flat, level area in your yard to install the kennel. Make sure that your chosen site is clear of dangerous objects and ideally sits protected from the sun. Starting at the back of your kennel, have someone hold one panel up while you bolt one side panel into place, forming a 90 degree angle. Add panels working your way around the kennel. The front and back panels will establish the width of your kennel. Be sure that you install bolts from the inside so that the nut is on the outside, to avoid injury to your pet. Now it’s time to install the gate. Be sure to do so with the Lucky Dog® logo facing outward. Bolt gate into place and install latches, using one latch for the upper access door. Now that the frame is fully assembled, we can begin working on the roof system. Before connecting the “L” poles remove the plastic caps from the top of the panels. Using your Phillips head screwdriver, begin connecting the “L” poles to one another. With the six “L” poles, you will create three crossbars that will reach from one side of your kennel to the other. These are connected to the top of your panels, spaced evenly from the front of your kennel to the back. Next, connect the two straight bars labeled “O”. Attach the roof poles using the roofridge clamps. Some models will include stabilizing crossbars. Once the frame is complete, drape the kennel cover over top the frame with the woven Lucky Dog® logo on the exterior, and the attachment tabs on the inside. That’s it, you’re all finished. So make it feel like home, with plenty of water, a few toys...and maybe even a bed. We appreciate you choosing Lucky dog®, and your dog does too!

Product Overview

Give your dog the very best! With sleek style and durable design, the Lucky Dog® STAY Series™ Presidential Kennel is built with a long-lasting steel frame and powder coated finish. The waterproof polyester cover offers UPF 50+ protection and is designed for ultimate comfort. Featuring premium style that will compliment any yard, the Steel Grey cover includes hidden hook and loop attachments. For added convenience, this model also features a dual access door. Designed to provide your dog with the very best, the Lucky Dog® STAY Series™ Presidential Kennel delivers quality and luxury in one.


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