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Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog® STAY Series™ 4'L x 4'W Studio Kennel, Khaki

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  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Hidden roof cover attachments
  • PROTECTION: Waterproof fabric with UPF 50+ protection
  • DURABLE: All steel frame with chip and wear-resistant powder coated finish
  • QUALITY: Easy to clean, high-density polyester fabric cover
  • CONVENIENT: Easy installation and No Tools necessary
  • INCLUDES: kennel frame, roof structure, single gate door, premium canopy cover and parts pack
  • DIMENSIONS: 4'W x 4'L x 6'H

More Information

More Information
Size 6'H x 4'W
Lucky Dog STAY Series Studio KennelLucky Dog STAY Series Studio Kennel


Long-lasting quality with a 2-year warranty protection


Includes hidden hook and loop roof cover attachments

Assembly Guide For Studio Kennel

  • Video Transcript

    Hello, and congratulations on the purchase of your Lucky Dog® STAY Kennel! In the following video, we’ll take you through each of the steps required to properly assemble the Studio and Villa models in our STAY Series Kennels. There are no additional tools required to complete this project. Though, we do recommend assembling with the help of one other person. The entire process should take somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes. So, let’s dive in!
    Before assembling your kennel, find a flat and stable spot in your yard, that’s also free of any debris that could harm your pet. For the Studio and Villa, the bottom of the panels extend about 1.5 inches from the bottom. These will go on the ground, not the top. For the Villa, the panels will consist of two panels wide on the back and the front, and four
    panels along the sides. When connecting the panels to one another, make sure that all of the wingnuts are on the outside of the kennel. This is to ensure your pet is safe while inside. Side panels must be aligned behind the gate and back panels to achieve the correct width. Once all of the panels are connected, it’s important to confirm that the kennel is squared before installing the roof. Measure from the back corner, to the opposing front corner - note the length. Then, measure the other two corners. The two measurements should match closely. If they are within three inches of one another, the kennel is squared. If they’re not, adjust the side panels until the measurements are equal. Once the kennel is squared you’re ready for the roof installation.
    When assembling the roof frame, make sure that the wingnuts are placed on the inside of the kennel this time, not on the outside. This will prevent any ripping to your roof cover. Once the frame is complete, drape the kennel cover over top of the frame with the woven Lucky Dog® logo on the exterior, and the attachment tabs on the inside. Secure the cover to the kennel at all four corners first, then secure the kennel with the attachment tabs by pulling the long end underneath the roof frame, and attaching it to the small tab.
    That’s it! You’re all finished. Now you can introduce your dog to its new kennel. Thanks so much for choosing Lucky Dog® ! We appreciate it, and your dog does too.

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2-Year Warranty

Product Overview

Give your dog the very best! With sleek style and durable design, the Lucky Dog® STAY Series™ Studio Kennel is built with a long-lasting steel frame and powder coated finish. The waterproof polyester cover offers UPF 50+ protection and is designed for ultimate comfort. Featuring premium style that will compliment any yard, the Khaki cover includes hidden hook and loop attachments. Designed to provide your dog with the very best, the Lucky Dog® STAY Series™ Studio Kennel delivers quality and luxury in one.


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