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About Jewett Cameron

Jewett Cameron History

The Jewett-Cameron Trading Co. began as a lumber wholesaler in North Plains, Oregon in 1953. Operating as a well-respected brand in their community for 31 years, Donald Boone and Michael Nasser purchased the wholesaler in 1984. Later, Charlie Hopewell joined as COO. Always on the lookout for new opportunities, they began diversifying the business and incorporated into a holding company in 1987. Today, Jewett-Cameron Trading Co. is a full service manufacturer of pet, garden, and fencing products for the U.S. market and around the world.

Targeting companies who may be struggling on their own but offer unique product solutions with special value, Jewett-Cameron has built a strong portfolio of brands by acquiring these complimentary businesses and then helping them meet their full potential.

The first company to join our Jewett-Cameron growing family of brands was Material Supply International, allowing expansion into pneumatic air tools and industrial clamps. In 1996, Material Supply became MSI-PRO™ which now proudly offers an array of tool products and accessories including the Avenger™ carbide circular saw blades, digital calipers and cutting tools and ProMax™ measuring tools, guides, industrial clamps, diamond cutting tools and hand tools for craftsmen and professional shop use.

By constantly searching out ways to improve the lives of everyone who uses our products, Jewett-Cameron has expanded into pet containment, greenhouses, outdoor storage structures, and fencing.


Today, Jewett-Cameron is a leading manufacturer spanning across seven industries and three continents. By fostering vertically integrated supply chain relationships, we are able to deliver high quality products at the right price for our customers. In developing scalable solutions for any volume of distribution, no customer is too big or too small. We proudly work with mom and pop operations, two-step distributors, co-ops, regional chains, and national big box retailers. We fulfill on many levels: drop ship, pallets, truckloads, and direct containers.

We are dedicated to serving innovative solutions to our distributors and wholesalers that, in turn, pass our craftsmanship and quality along to their customers. Utilizing our expertise in specialty lumber, seed processing, pet containment, tools, fencing, greenhouses, and storage structures, we provide our customers the supply solution that works for them. We are always looking for ways to expand our offerings and improve our products for you, our customer.


Here at Jewett-Cameron, we believe in making products that solve problems, and we are dedicated to investing in companies that will help us accomplish this mission. In keeping with our time-proven formula for success, new additions to the Jewett-Cameron family are often developed alongside their original owners to ensure that we stay true to their original vision. We work to build upon their accomplishments and use our financial strength and resources to help them meet their full potential. These relationships help us expand and innovate into exciting new markets, helping each other along the way.


At Jewett-Cameron, we are constantly on the lookout for new beneficial product ideas and improvements. We listen to feedback from our customers and work diligently to improve upon our current offerings. Being tuned-in to our customers’ needs opens up new paths of opportunity and helps us create breakthroughs in product safety, efficiency, and convenience. Because we keep our eyes and ears open to new innovations, we are always ready to entertain the next big idea.